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Trilogy Health Services Director of Food Services in Greenfield, Indiana

Responsibilities: * Organize, evaluates, and directs the Dining Services Department. Implements the programs and activities of the department. * Coordinates dining services and activities with other related departments (Clinical, Marketing, Life Enrichment, etc.). * Provides material safety data sheets (MSDS) for hazardous chemicals used or stored in the dining services department to Environmental Services Director for inclusion in campus manual. * Completes staff schedule for optimal daily functions according to company policy. * Implements regional changes to menus based upon resident input obtained from weekly Chef Circle meetings. * Processes diet changes and new diets as received from Clinical Services. * Ensures that a daily preparation plan is reviewed with the preparation staff each day, at least one day in advance. * Supervises and participates in food preparation for meals. * Plans and provides catering services within the health campus as necessary. * Assists in planning the dietary/dining services portion of the resident s discharge plan. * Interviews residents or family members within twenty-four (24) to seventy-two (72) hours upon admission and completes online preference form. * Assists in developing methods for determining quality and quantity of food served. * Completes dining room rounding daily visiting residents to evaluate the quality of meals served, likes and dislikes, etc. * Provides appropriate evening snack to clinical team for delivery in the evening to all residents. * Ensures that the dining areas are properly set and maintained. * Meets with dining services personnel, on a regularly scheduled basis, solicits advice from inter-department supervisors concerning the operation of the Dining Services Department. Assists in identifying and correcting problem areas, and/or the methods of improvement of services. * Ensures proper training for all new employees to coincide with the Culinary Apprenticeship Program. * Reviews and checks competency of dining services personnel and makes necessary adjustments/corrections as required, or that may become necessary. * Maintains a productive working relationship with other department supervisors and coordinates dining services to assure that daily services can be performed without interruption. * Makes periodic rounds to check equipment and to assure that necessary equipment is available and working properly. * Checks supply rooms and custodial closets to assure that needed supplies are on hand to perform assigned cleaning tasks. * Ensures that stock levels of staple/non-staple food, supplies, equipment, etc., are maintained at adequate levels at all times. * Purchases food services supplies, equipment, etc., as required. * Implements procedures for the safe operation of all dining services equipment. * Ensures that only trained and authorized personnel operate the department s equipment, and that the equipment is operated in a safe manner. * Ensures that containers of hazardous chemicals used in the department are properly labeled and stored. * Ensures that the care plan identifies any special equipment and utensils the resident may need (e.g., plate guard, enlarged silverware handles, etc.). * Provides substitute foods of similar nutritive value to residents who refuse foods served. * Controls and remains within budget requirements for supplies, food, and labor costs through the use of the company spend down sheet. * Maintains proper certifications and/or licenses required, if applicable. * Minimal travel including overnight stay as necessary.WHAT WE\'RE LOOKING FOR * High School Diploma or GED required. Licenses/Certifications: * Certified Dietary Manager or, * Certified Food Service Manager or, * An associate's or higher degree in food service management, restaurant management, or hospitality or, * Similar national certification for food service management and safety from a national certifying body or, * In states that have established standards for food serv